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Tour the Town - Stop 10

Across the street from the Cannonball House on Front Street is 1812 Memorial Park overlooking the Lewes Rehoboth Canal. The cannons on this small green commemorate the successful defense of Lewes when the British attacked the town in April, 1813. This leisurely walk gives you the opportunity to take in the gorgeous view of the Lewes Canal complete with historic ships.

Stroll the canal heading towards the bridge and Savannah Road. Enjoy the park’s beauty and the tall ships seen on the canal. Take a seat on the bench, close your eyes and smell the clear, fresh sea. Continuing, make a right at the bridge, crossing over Second Street on to Third. On the left are three points of interest; the Lewes Gallery of Art and Framing, 110 West Third Street, the Lewes Blacksmith, 113 West Third Street, and Auntie M’s Emporium, 203 West Third.

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