Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge

The refuge's impoundments attract thousands of waterfowl from fall to early spring. Bald eagles are seen on the refuge year-round. In spring and late summer, hordes of shorebirds stop over in migration.

Cape Henlopen State Park

Hawks and seabirds can be seen overhead at the state park. The Cape is home to nesting piping plovers in spring and summer, terns, gulls and shorebirds throughout the year. The pine forests host brown-headed nuthatches and chuck-will's-widows.

Silver Lake

In nearby Rehoboth Beach, winter is a prime time to see birds at Silver Lake. In winter, visitors can spot canvasbacks, redheads and other waterfowl. A small group of Monk Parakeets also nest near the Lake in spring and summer. Look for their nests, a mass of sticks usually found atop telephone poles.